We create holistic and welcoming spaces that serve communities by providing a unified approach, that is innovative, collaborative, respectful & equitable.

Meet our Directors

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Dr. Mark Spanner Founder & Medical Director

Practicing in South Africa, Canada & finally settling in Australia, Medical Director for Medical on Miami, Dr Mark Spanner has had a vision for many years of a collaborative health model…

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Heather McLellan-Johnson Founder & Managing Director

With a strong focus on leadership in the primary health industry in both Australia & USA, Managing Director, Heather McLellan-Johnson is a strong consulting professional…

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Dr Jane Wehipeihana Medical Director

A consummate General Practitioner, Dr Jane Wehipeihana is known for her down-to-earth approach to most things. While practicing in New Zealand, Singapore & Australia…

We’re always exploring new opportunities

HMS Medical Group is continually striving for growth and currently looking and fielding opportunities to develop the industry. Get in touch with us if you’re considering:

  • New pursuits
  • New endeavours
  • New relationships

If you would like to consult with us on your latest project or be part of our team, reach out! New adventures await the brave…

Our Centres

Medical on Robina

Coming in 2023

Medical on Burleigh

A fresh & vibrant space for the whole community to enjoy their healthcare journey. We are proud to offer the Gold Coast another jewel in our crown – a healthcare setting that is beautiful, welcoming & inclusive

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Medical on Miami

Medical on Miami is proud to bring to the community a high level of Medical Professionals across various disciplines, as well as introducing a new and exceptional level of Health Care Service to the growing region.

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Burleigh Cove Respiratory Clinic

Burleigh Cove Respiratory Clinic is for people with MILD to MODERATE symptoms of cough, fever, shortness of breath, sore throat, potentially relating to COVID-19.

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Let’s build an exceptional care network

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to work in and around something beautiful? With like-minded colleagues, a team of exceptional support people all working towards common goals? One of our goals is the health and welfare of our patients and community. Another is a sustainable private business model.

What would you bring to our goals?

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